Why Exchange links?

Google uses PageRank as one factor in determining if a site is relevant to a search request. A more important factor to them than PageRank is the content of a given page and the content on the pages that link to it.

"Google ranks pages not only based on their content, but also according to their link popularity!"

You may already be aware that link popularity is probably the most important factor to getting a number one rankings on the search engines. High link popularity improves your search engine positioning.

How do you go from being a part of the "invisible web" to the part readily found by people searching at Google and other popular search destinations? The best way to show up in Google is link exchange with as many websites as possible to provide a link back to your website.

Advantages of Link Exchange:
1. Increase page rank
2. More traffic to your blog for free
3. Get readers to your blog for free

Banner Exchange:

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